Express Video Brochures was founded on three basic principles:

Video Brochures (also called “TV” Brochures) are revolutionary, and will dramatically change the efficiency and efficacy of video-enabled marketing. They are compelling, sophisticated, and provide an extremely targeted way to dramatically increase the likelihood of video being watched, re-watched, and passed along, especially when physically supplemented with print.

Larger (50+) order requirements and 3-4 week delivery timeframes for truly custom brochures are keeping video brochures out of the hands of creative individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even larger companies who need immediate access to video brochures.

By offering “client-customizable” video brochures in popular sizes and colors, using exceptional quality materials, and reduced profit margins, we are poised to provide North America with a full 30% of all video brochures sold each year.

General Info

Express Video Brochures, LLC (f/k/a Concourse 1, LLC) is a spin-off of Maggio Media, LLC, and remains a Maggio Media Venture. We share management teams with affiliated media and marketing companies including 7.TV, LLC, TV in a Card, LLC, Crave Productions, LLC, and a small, nimble team of web and social media companies in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

The key to our success is carefully balancing design and retail pricing. Our website constantly evolves to increasingly diminish the need for (and expense of) direct customer support (therefore keeping our prices as low as feasibly possible), empowering our customers to provide us with the feedback needed to ever improve our product offerings.