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Large die-cut removable Decal 10-Pack D45XP-10R


10-pack, 1-up custom “Large” removable die-cut decal sheet for 7A45XP.  Want to re-purpose and re-use your Express Video Brochure?  Instead of applying the permanent decals that come standard with your video brochure, simply order a 10-pack of removable die-cut decals with your order.  Same paper quality as the permanent decals, but easier to remove without ruining your video brochure.  Yields 10 print & peel Large die-cut removable decals, for use in inkjet, laser and most photocopiers. Approx. 8 1/2″ x 11 1/16″ per sheet.

NOTE: To help visually differentiate between removable and permanent decal sheets, we color or highlight one tip of the removable decal sheets.

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Specially designed for use on all Express Video Brochures denoted with 7A45XP Model Numbers. Order extras to insure you’ve got plenty on hand to customize – or re-customize – your video brochures.  NOTE:  These decals utilize a removable adhesive that can be fairly easily removed without damaging the underlying brochure.  Perfect for allowing you to customize, re-purpose and re-use your video brochures, over and over again.

NOTE: Be certain to feed your label sheets with the “feed arrow” arrow incisions facing the printer’s ingest / rollers (See image and instructions in package) for best performance.