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TV Pitchbook Portfolio-sized Tri-fold 7A4PHD


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NEW! 7A4PHD-6B Portfolio-sized TV Pitchbook™ with 7” HD Screen by TV in a Card™ is the workhorse of all video brochures. Using our “Black Tie” theme, it’s an oversized card-stock tri-fold pocket folder capable of holding up to 15 pages, with 6 button controls, 2G memory and Slide Show feature to auto-play photos, PDF, and Power Point® images, and more. 7″ HD LCD screen, head phone jacks PLUS headphones and USB charging/ upload cable are INCLUDED. Ships with 8-pack of permanent die-cut decals (6 PORTFOLIO SIZE decals for 3 cover areas + 2 MEDIUM decal sheets (2 up) for the zone below the HD screen).
Approx. 9 3/4″ W x 12 1/4″ H x 5/8″ D
Perfect for:

  • Your most important, in-depth presentations
  • Technical professionals with multi-media assets
  • Real estate / condo projects; holds vital documents
  • Agency pitches, new product intro’s, door openers

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Our patent-pending TV Pitchbook pitches, wows, and closes your sale or presentation, while leaving a lasting first impression. Elegant yet customizable, and at over a foot tall and two feet wide fully opened, it’s the most affordably sophisticated presentation and leave-behind device in the world. Perfect to present virtually any in-depth product or service, with a full array of adhered graphics, holding fully controllable HD videos, and on-screen slide presentations. Better still, the hidden pocket folder can protect over a dozen documents, and by partitioning the internal 2G of memory, all of your digital files (and more) can be stored inside, easily accessible using the included USB charging and upload cable – try that with an iPad®! The earphone jack and contoured earphones allow this device to be used anywhere, and is priced as a leave behind that makes an unforgettable statement about you and your company, well after you’ve left the room. You’ll want to have extra’s on hand, so take advantage of our 5+ unit pricing, and order some extra 8-packs of decals, just in case.