TV in a Card, LLC and Express Video Brochures, LLC, are committed to protecting the environment. As such, we feature video brochure products that use RoHS compliant electronics, and make every reasonable effort to insure that the products we sell provide visual and/or digital notice to its users as to how to properly recycle or return our products.

We therefore offer U.S. residents free assistance for pick-up and recycling of video brochures offered for sale on our web site.

Please use the CONTACT US form on this website, and provide us with your name and full contact information (name, address, email address and phone number).

We will email or call you to provide recycling solutions in your general geographic area, and alternatively, can assist in making arrangements for pick up, generally within 3 business days.

LITHIUM-ION BATTERY DISCLOSURE — (Updated March 15, 2015) — TV in a Card Video brochures manufactured for Express Video Brochures are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are housed within the brochures themselves and cannot be removed without damaging the product. Our products and packaging complies with Section II of PI 967, and must be handled with care.  A flammability hazard exists if the shipping package is damaged.  Special procedures must be followed if the shipping package is damaged, to include inspection and repacking if necessary.  In these instances, TV in a Card, LLC can be reached at 877-777-7687; please select “TV in a Card” when presented with choices via their auto-attended switchboard.

Express Video Brochures with 7″ screens contain  a single battery rated at less than 6.0 Wh (typically 3 encapsulated cells per battery, less than 2.0 Wh per cell), while our 4.3″ screens are powered by a single battery rated at less than 2.5 Wh (typically 2 encapsulated cells per battery, less than 1.25 Wh per cell).  Please visit this page often or visit for the latest information and specification updates.