Working closely with start-ups and creatives, I immediately saw that the power of video brochures belonged in their hands. That’s why I created – to serve individuals and entreprenuers alike.

Express Video Brochures | Your personal - easy to customize video brochure with High Definition Screen which plays up to five of yours videos
Frank Maggio

Customer Testimonials

  1. Sharon

    To say that I absolutely love the video books is an understatement! I have already; recommended the product to a friend to add to her photography package options. The affordability of these video books is unbelievable; and the ability to purchase as few or as many as needed is definitely a deal maker! Thank you making your products affordable!


  2. I am an event photographer and videographer. I recently produced a fusion product for a birthday celebration for an adult friend. The fusion product consisted of a photographic album and a DVD with some still images and some video I captured of the event.

    She enjoyed the album and DVD. I followed up those products with an Express Video Brochure of the video in one presentation followed by a slideshow to music of the touching and witty and heartfelt birthday cards she had received. Upon opening the brochure and seeing the images she was instantly reduced to tears of happiness. She showed her friends and family and even some of the attendees. The emotion evoked by using the Express Video Brochure surpassed even that of the beautifully printed album. I am exploring now how to offer the brochure in such a way to preserve the WOW effect the client has when first opening it.

    – KC

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