May 2014

An Open Letter from our Founder

It seems that video brochure prices are as elusive as Big Foot, and as slippery as tomato seeds. We’re changing that.

Our prices are easy to understand – and open to the public. We even publish our video brochure prices (and shipping formula), in a simple, easy to read matrix. We’re not hiding our prices – we’re proud of them:

Our pricing commitment is this – We offer the best combination of price, value, service, and delivery timeframe, of any US-based retailer of customizable video brochures.

If any other US-based retail site offers the same (or better) level of quality and specifications, at a lower every day price, we will lower our prices. Immediately.


If you haven’t noticed already, video brochure prices are rarely publicized online, in large part because most companies offering video brochures are actually marketing companies who re-sell myriad products, including video brochures. Video brochures are not their primary business, and they do not buy 1,000’s of units at a time. Also, varied types, sizes (and quality) of screens, memory, control buttons, and cover materials, all subject to rapid price changes, make it difficult to provide accurate, timely pricing for most companies. Lastly, multiple layers of markup increase prices, to the point where few companies (other than raw material manufacturers in China and elsewhere) are willing to publicize their prices without jumping through hoops.

We’re clearly different. We are able to provide superior prices and turnaround time because we have applied our experiences with the inventors of video brochures, TV in a Card™, and have also requested our manufacturers to combine the best materials and most popular sizes, into pre-printed brochures that accommodate customizable, customer-printed decals, and personalized, user-uploaded videos. We are the pioneers of this segment of the market.

We also purchase, or receive consigned for resale, 1,000’s of video brochures at a time. This gives us the very best raw material prices, and favorable terms from our manufacturers, who see our “express” lines as incremental ways of getting their products into the hands of people and small to mid-sized companies.

We also only have to design an Express Video Brochure’s exterior artwork once, leaving large areas for die-cut decals, allowing YOU to personalize the majority of the printed areas. We also do not upload custom videos. Therefore, since YOU, and not we, provide the customized design and video services, we are able to avoid the associated time and costs, once again passing the savings along to our customers.

Lastly, our fulfillment center receives favorable shipping and handling prices, which we pass along AT COST. Shipping and handling is NOT a profit center for our company.

As a result, we are able to offer single or small quantity orders often at 50% to 75% less than custom brochure providers.


So, this explains WHY we are the PRICE leaders – but we also want to be the SALES leader, which means we have to make our pricing FAIR, and easy to understand, without any hidden costs.

That’s why Express Video Brochure prices are broken into only 3 brackets – 1 unit, 2-4 units, and 5 or more units. Each order comes complete with everything you need to customize, recharge, upload, and impress. When you buy 5 or more of an item, you are assured the lowest price possible for that item.

Shipping costs (we feature USPS Priority Mail) are fixed on a per unit basis, and on the 10th the per unit shipping price drops for each subsequent unit. This applies to our video brochures as well as physical accessories. The more you buy, the less on average you pay per item for shipping.

Lastly, all delivered orders pay a single $6 handling charge; this covers the cost of pre-shipping QA (Quality Assurance), warehouse slotting/removing, and packaging – no matter how many items you purchase.

The bottom line on our bottom line is this: We only sell the best, at the best prices possible. If you want the best product and prices, and are able to customize our products, there is no better place in America to purchase video brochures.

Thank you for considering our product, our team and our way of doing business.

Frank S. Maggio, CEO and Founder
Express Video Brochures, LLC
A Maggio Media Venture